Monday, June 18, 2007

On Another Issue

Have you ever noticed that sometimes Aaronic priesthood shows up at Church improperly dressed or groomed for administration of the sacrament? Still, they wind up doing it anyway and when a correction is attempted all you ever hear are lame excuses accompanied by references to worthiness as if worthiness is the sole limiting factor. Try to imagine a worthy high priest dressed as Bozo the Clown administering the sacrament. Hard to imagine isn't it? That's because a worthy High Priest has more respect for the institution than to ever make such an attempt. I note also that inside the pamphlets for Duty to God every picture of a Young Man performing his priesthood duties shows a Young Man properly dressed white shirt, tie and dress slacks with shoes. I note also that in our foyer ther eis a large pictorial book titled: "The Mission" which shows missionary work and members throughout the world. In every instance when it comes to pictures of priesthood administering in their duties, it's well groomed young men in white shirts, ties, shoes and dress slacks, even with members living in poverty in huts and dirt floors. So why leadership here in the USA permits sloppily dressed, long haired, sneaker and cargo pants wearing young men to administer the sacrament is a question without any acceptable answer.

Isn't it ironic that the same young men who show up at a Stake dance here in the USA improperly attired are not admitted until they change their clothes so they meet the dress standard for the dance but when they show up improperly attired or groomed for sacrament administration they are allowed to proceed. Something seriously amiss here.

Now, lest you think I am arguing for some sort of uniform, I'm not. But at a minimum the standards in For the Strength of Youth ought to be adhered to which means conservative dress and appearance avoiding extremes as the word "extremes" applies in the LDS community not in the world. There is no reason why for instance they should not all wear white shirts ( or possibly a pastel dress shirt) and ties with shoes (not sneakers) and dress slacks not jeans or cargo pants.
So the question for the day is: Which should require the greater attention to dress standards, a dance or administration of the sacrament? If you get this wrong you need help.

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