Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Utah Legislature Opposes Amnesty

Utah Legislatures Oppose Immigration Act

Key Utah Legislators oppose The Border Security and Immigration Reform Act of 2007
As Legislators in the Utah House of Representatives we stand together to call upon our Senate and Congressional delegation to oppose the Border Security and Immigration Reform Act which the senate will be hearing this week.

This so-called “Immigration Reform” highlights the failure of our federal government, to protect our sovereign rights as a country. Instead of enforcing the current laws passed by Congress and signed in 1996, the current Congress seems determined to vote on new laws that will most likely not be enforced. It is truly government at its worst.

(Yup it's a true kakistocracy)

The Border Security and Immigration Reform Act is nothing more than an all out blanket amnesty bill. The law is aimed at giving a complete, quick and lawful status to those who have broken our country’s laws, does the rule of law mean nothing anymore?

(Uh yeah, good question to all you LDS out there who think that illegals should be baptized and all you leaders of the Church who answer the question: Should illegals be baptized with: "their illegal immigrant status is not a matter for the Church, it's a matter for civil authority," which is of course a complete crock. It's not like you're unaware of their status. Civil authority in this case means police and federal border partol agents because these are criminals. Would you Church leaders answer the same question regarding a citizen of this country who wants to be baptized but who you are aware has committed theft and is planning to do so repeatedly? This is a fit baptismal candidate? Is that also a matter for civil authority? If so, distinguish it. It seems to me that people who come here illegally are guilty of federal crimes compounded by dishonesty in a host of ways and take benefits and jobs they are not entitled to. It is lying, theft and general dishonesty. For the Church to wink at illegals as though it is not a matter of worthiness is for the Church to act as a respecter of persons where some people are not required to be law abiding but others are. This is reminiscent of Animal Farm: "All animals are equal but some are more equal than others." No. I grew up in the Church. I read scripture and I understand the 12th Article of Faith. With regard to the "civil authority" answer and speaking as a former LDS Chruch leader that is a pile of horse puckey.)

We reject such amnesty, as a reward for those who have lied, cheated and broken the rules to get into our country. Such a plan gives preference to those who have violated the law over those who have followed the law and patiently await legal entrance into the United States. The message we are sending is that if you break the law you will be rewarded.

(I reject it too and note that unlike those who take the steps to come here legally, the illegals demonstrate a complete disrespect for our country, its laws and people.)

As Utah legislators, we must continually deal with the complete and utter failure of the federal government to secure our borders and enforce our current laws. It is incomprehensible that Congress would propose another amnesty plan after the dismal failure of the 1986 amnesty that has helped lead us to this point.

(Well here you guys have yourselves to blame, at least in part. If you felt this way then why accord these outlaws driving privileges? Instead, just deport them which is what ought to happen anyway.)

A recent estimation in regards to the cost of amnesty and earned citizenship for just 7.9 million amnesty recipients would be $2.4 trillion, a cost that must be born by the American taxpayer. It is unconscionable that any legislator could vote for a measure of this magnitude without knowing and debating all the costs involved.

(Massive entitlements given their Gadianton Robber like attitudes, isn't it? )

The Border Security and Immigration Reform Act has a few quality ideas which may help alleviate the current immigration problem, unfortunately most of the bill is corrupted with ideas such as amnesty and rewarding those who blatantly broke our laws. If this bill passes, we will never again be able to say to our children and grand-children that cheaters never win. It is our belief that no responsible elected official would consider voting for this fraud which is being offered as “comprehensive reform” in the U.S Senate.

Build a fence, keep them out. Deport all you can find over a 20 year period.

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