Friday, June 1, 2007

When the GOP Comes Asking for Money

I have to admit to a good deal of annoyance with the GOP fund raisers over the past several years. For years it had control of the Presidency, the House and the Senate. Still I would get these calls at home asking me for contributions to ensure passage of this or that.

It seemes to me that they had control of the entire executive and legislative branches. It didn't need money to ensure passage, it needed a backbone.

Today in the paper I read that donations to the GOP are down 40% because of its position on illegal immigration. In my lifetime I have never witnessed such a massive disconnect between the ruling elite -senators, congressmen, the president and WE the People. The will of the people is eminently clear: WE WANT ENFORCEMENT FIRST. WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN ANY SORT OF AMNESTY, EVER. WE WANT ILLEGALS EXPELLED AND IMMIGRANTS COMING HERE TO HAVE TO LEARN ENGLISH. WE CERTAINLY DON'T WANT 100 MILLION OF THEM COMING HERE.

So since politicians only ever listen to money $$$$$ here is what I urge you to do. When the GOP solicitor calls looking for a donation print out and send in the bill on this page. It can only help.

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